In the Gallery of Honour of Dutch Photography, 99 photographs of iconic value tell the story of photography in the Netherlands from 1842 to the present day. The highlights, the innovations, and the great steps that photographers made, from the invention of photography to the developments of the early 21st century. Take a look at the earliest examples of photographic images – daguerreotypes – and view the work of dozens of photographers who explored boundaries and transitioned from black and white, to colour and digital photography.

Admire photographs made by artists such as Anton Corbijn, Rineke Dijkstra, Ed van der Elsken, Ata Kandó and Erwin Olaf, and discover the icons of the future. Together, they demonstrate the richness of Dutch photography.


Tip: plan your visit on a weekday, as it tends to be less busy in the museum.

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Behind each iconic photo in the Gallery of Honour, a unique story is waiting to be discovered. Use the app to reveal them through short film clips, interviews, or animations. Download the app and experience the first five stories now. Once you’re in the Gallery of Honour, you can unlock dozens of others.